Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Top Ten Signs Someone You Know Needs to Get Laid...

10) Their conversation consists of, "And then I played Xbox for 30 hours straight over the weekend!"
9) A typical date night consists of playing Scrabble with their mom and dad.
8) WoW is not a game, it's a lifestyle, bitches.
7) They cook more than they eat what they've cooked. This results in thousands of Tupperware containers full of strange dishes piled around the kitchen and in the fridge.
6) They eat about a pound of chocolate a day, and it's not because they have a sweet tooth.
5) They're grouchy all the time. Even when watching something cheerful. Like cartoons.
4) When you make a "That's what she said!" joke, they don't get it.
3) When they think of snuggling in bed, they think of sleeping.
2) When someone of the opposite/same sex (depending on their preference) walks by in a tight t-shirt, they nearly jizz their pants.

And the number one sign someone you know needs to get laid...

1) The are starting to develop tell-tale calluses.

Yes, even women can get rough spots from double-clicking their mouse too much, so don't think I'm talking about just men here.

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