Friday, December 16, 2011

The Scourge of Social Networking

   I'm going to be blogging a hell of a lot more from now on, friends and neighbors. I will have much more time to devote to writing now that I've de-activated Facebook for awhile. I enjoy Facebook very much. Keeping track of friends and family that I never get to see, college buddies that I'll probably NEVER see again, and seeing what my old elementary school teachers are up to---yeah, it's all fine and dandy.

   However, let's face it---Facebook and other social networking sites allow us to be lazy and unattached to reality. I know that I have Facebook, therefore I don't make a special effort to call anyone. Probably the only four people on the planet I call now are my best friend, my boyfriend, my mother, and my father. I barely use any of the minutes allotted to me each month through my wireless plan, and why? Because I've grown lethargic with speaking to people as though they are something besides pixellations on a computer screen.

   Also, I'm not comfortable with the fact that everyone on the internet could potentially have access to everything I've put on Facebook. I'm a very risque person. I say lots of inappropriate things at inappropriate times. It's just who I am, and who I've allowed myself to become. I have to watch what I say especially now that I'm looking for another job. I don't want potential employers being able to hack into Facebook and seeing me talk about cuntwaffles and wienerdoodling up the ass, even in jest. Unless you know me personally, you can never truly understand my sense of humor.

   So until this all blows over, my Facebook is currently de-activated. And it may stay that way forever, I'm not quite sure. I really want to see how many people make efforts to try to contact me in REAL life now that my virtual reality has a lock on the door. I bet not many people will make an effort at all, and that's just fine.

   I never needed them anyway.

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