Monday, November 14, 2011

Power Corrupts in Weak Minds...

   I had the top part of my seat belt tucked under my arm when I pulled out of the parking lot of my place of employment on Friday. I was pulled over by two asshole state troopers, one being a patrolman in training and the other being his Field Training Officer. They wrote me a nearly $200 ticket for wearing my seat belt "improperly". I informed them politely that I had no idea it was illegal to wear the seat belt in the manner in which I had it, yet they wrote me a ticket anyway. Why? Because the rookie was anxious to cut his teeth writing tickets for stupid ass reasons, and the FTO was a dickhead trying to egg him on.

   This got me to thinking about how much power corrupts people with weak minds, and so here is tonight's topic. You can always tell a good leader/authority figure from a shitty one. Good ones have lots of power but use it wisely. They never make stupid decisions and allow themselves to get big heads because of their ability to ruin someone's day, much like mine was ruined on Friday. Most troopers I've met are so kind, so willing to overlook stupid mistakes that drivers make. These two were pricks, and they're not going to go very far in life or in the NCSHP because of their inability to look past the insignificant and worry about people who are ACTUALLY BREAKING THE FUCKING LAW. Like people who speed, and transport drugs from one state to another, and weave in and out of traffic with five bottles of whiskey on their breath. Not someone wearing a heavy winter coat who's trying to take the pressure of a seat belt off her neck and tits by tucking the top of it under her armpit WHILE IT'S FULLY ENGAGED AND CLICKED IN, SURROUNDING HER BODY PROTECTIVELY.

   As you can see, I'm still a bit bitter over this. I don't like not being in control of situations, like most people. It's human nature to be infuriated with authority figures who abuse their power. They know they can get away with doing whatever they want to you, so they do. They walk around in their suits and/or ties, smug expressions on their faces, knowing they can shit-can you from your job or write you a ticket or overcharge you for home owner's insurance, whatever.

   We are unable to do very much with people who abuse power who are over top of us on the societal food chain. All we can do is know that we are better than them, and people who are better are wiser, more informed, and end up having richer, fuller lives. That's little comfort in times of despair, but it's true and we need to cling to whatever we have in order to survive.


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