Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Voting. The Biggest Waste of Time Since Watching MTV.

   I probably won't be voting in the next presidential election, which is something I never thought I would do. Ever since I've been legally able to, I've always voted in each prez election, usually for the Democratic candidate in question. I always considered myself a Democrat until about a year or so ago, when I really started to delve deep into what most Democrats believe.

   Democrats tend to think our country is not for us. It's for illegal aliens who can go to college for free on our ticket, and even be provided cell phones to navigate their way into an already completely overpopulated space otherwise known as the USA. Democrats also usually throw my hard-earned tax dollars at lazy good-for-nothings who want to lay up and have about fifty children who they can use as tax write-offs. I pay for them to get their nails done, their hair done, and for their children to sit in shitty diapers and starve while I drive a junkier car than they do. They've become Capitalist-hating, economy-shredding social terrorists. That's not a scene I want to be a part of.

   Republicans are no better, though. They're so scared shitless of Americans having some sexual relations that they want to ban abortions all-together, even in cases of rape and incest (for a lot of them). They're God-fearing, science-ignorant, close-minded, war-hungry retards who think that gay people getting married is somehow going to infect them with AIDs, and maybe scare the rest of the country into "becoming gay" because it'll turn out that gay people have far more successful long-term relationships than us dumbass straight folks.

   So because I am a true MODERATE voter, there is no one for me to vote for. I feel strongly FOR abortions and FOR gay marriage, but I'm also strongly against ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS infiltrating our country and welfare/food stamps being given so freely to people who don't give a damn enough to get a job like me.

   I'm officially apathetic. This entire country is going to go to shit no matter who is in office, and I've sadly come to accept this.

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