Monday, September 26, 2011

Dead Baby Jokes (Minus the Jokes)

   Abortion is a very heated topic in this country, and probably in many countries around the world. I'm not even sure what the rules are in various countries concerning abortion, and I don't much care to bother with it at the moment because other countries' rules don't affect me at the present time.

   Anyway, there have been a lot of news stories on Yahoo lately about women killing their children. Abusing them in various ways; locking them in closets and torturing them because they were hungry or fussy, and even a case in North Carolina where a 16-year-old girl killed her baby and then hid it in a broom closet, conveniently leaving that small detail out when she reported it to the police.

   Most conservative people's religious views will not allow them to even consider having an abortion, nor condoning a loved one or even an acquaintance to have one (sometimes no matter how drastic the circumstances may be). A lot of abortion clinics have been blown up over the years, and it still remains a huge issue in this country despite the verdict of Roe vs. Wade and many Democrats' attempts to keep a woman's choice her actual, legitimate own choice.

   For those of you who say you'd never have an abortion and can't condone them, I ask you to ponder this little question: what difference does it make if a woman aborts her baby or abuses it and then kills it after it's born? Not much of a difference, really, except in the first scenario, the fetus is not tortured before it exits this world. I think the world would be a better place if people would just be rid of their children before they ever even become children.

   Crime rates would be down. There would be less child abuses cases and probably less murder and theft. A lot of children who are abused at a young age grow up to become delinquints and then full-blown criminals. What if they had never been born to start with?

   It's worth thinking about the next time you want to say something nasty to the girl next door who slipped up and got pregnant but is making the responsible decision to abort the pregnancy before the baby grows up and she beats her kid into a life of crime.

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