Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Insert Fabricated Image Here.

   Image is everything, or that is what we are told from a very young age. Women are pressured to stay thin, trim, fit, blonde, classy, manicured---and subservient. That is the image of "woman" to many people in our so-called "modern" society. People don't seem to realize that women can be more disgusting, taller, more crude, more violent, or more productive than some of their male counterparts.

   Men are supposed to be tall, muscular, clean-cut, intelligent, thoughtful, and all executives or lawyers. Then there's the stereotype of the ruggedly handsome "manly-man" who is a construction worker or demolition dude, and his washboard abs ripple under the beads of sweat collected on a hot summer day. People don't seem to realize that most construction workers (or at least, the ones around here) are dirty bums with less teeth than a Jack O' Lantern and they all smell like poo-bars.

   But a lot of people care what their image says about them, so they carefully construct one to fit their needs, or more than likely, the needs of those around them. They never figure out their true identity, and they're constantly wandering about aimlessly, hoping and praying behind clenched teeth that no one will ever ask them, "So tell me about yourself."

   It's like Katie Holmes' character in the movie Abandon says, "My self is very objective and constantly changing."

   She's not the only one.

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