Friday, September 2, 2011

Hungry Demon

   Anxiety is like a hungry demon. It gnaws at your nerves and sits in your brain, heavy and solid like a brick. It causes you to fear what you normally wouldn't give a second glance. It creates imaginary evils and dangers in your life that probably aren't really there. It causes you to overreact, sweat, have heart palpitations, and worry everyone else around you about things that probably don't matter in the first place.

   In the end, you have to think of it this way: you can only do so much. You are one person, and people were born to make mistakes. Nobody is perfect. So when the sun sets and you get ready for bed, as long as you know that you did the best you could---that's all that matters. Whatever happens after that, happens. If something is meant to be, you're not going to be able to stop it anyway, more than likely.

   Yes, to a certain extent---I believe in fate.

   I also believe that if you aren't careful, if you allow life to seep inside your head and create those demons of anxiety, hungry for your peace of mine---you'll never survive.

   But I am going to survive, folks. How about you?

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