Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Human Waste Management

   I don't mind following rules, as long as they apply to everyone. But as soon as rules are only for me, that's when I start to get pissed off and shoot my middle finger to whoever dares to enforce said "rules". That's the thought for the day.

   If you are going to speak your mind and fight injustice in your world, whether it's a high phone bill that you feel you shouldn't pay because the taxes are too damn high or food that sucks so you complain to the cashier at McDonald's, you are going to face some serious opposition. In this world, people want you to sit back and let them rape you right up the ass with a splintered two by four. Most sheep-like idiots are perfectly content with letting the world do this to them. Those of us who stand alone, who fight alone, and who roam the confines of this prison otherwise known as life---we know better.

   But no matter how much people try to bring you down, you have to fight for what you believe in. Even if you're the only person on the planet who thinks that you are correct, that's enough. Nobody else came out of the womb but you when you were born (unless you were a twin), and nobody will be buried with you in your coffin when you die (unless someone tries to rob your grave and then is caught and killed and tossed in your coffin to dispose of evidence). You have to live life for yourself.

   If the price you pay is being ostracized by everybody because you don't like being treated like shit at work or school, or you don't like how loud your neighbors blast their surround sound speakers through the wall to cover up the horrible animal-esque sounds of their be it. Someday, you will find someone, or maybe even several someones...a group of non-conformist someones...who will accept you for who you are, listen to your problems, and fight the good fight with you.

   So fight the good fight. Never give in.

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